There Are Many Kinds Of Stamps - Part 4

Quite naturally, it was not long after the United Nations had established its headquarters in New York City that it issued a series of postage stamps. Such stamps can not be used anywhere in the world for the prepayment of postage except in the single Post Office at the UN building in New York. Since the first issue of 1951 the UN Postal Administration has produced over a score of different issues to commemorate the various activities of the parent organization. The issues are carefully and regularly prepared and issued in limited quantity which has made them quite attractive to a multitude of collectors.

As new governments come into being, new stamps almost immediately follow, for the potential source of profit from the sale of attractive stamps to collectors is widely appreciated. Such issues are not to be confused with the semi-postal stamps which are a nuisance of no small proportions to many collectors. Mostly such stamps are very beautiful and have a very strong sales appeal to youngsters and embryo collectors.

So far we have only discussed stamps that are used for regular postage purposes. There are still many different kinds of stamps to provide for the various services performed by a modern postal system. The United States, for instance, has issued stamps for postage due, special delivery, registration, parcel post, special handling, parcel post postage due, newspapers, carriers and airmail. Some of these are in current use. Other purposes for which stamps have been issued by various countries are for postal tax, war tax, use of government departments (also once issued by the U.S.) and other similar functions of the post office that require special accounting of funds received from these services. It is easy to see how the use of special stamps simplifies bookkeeping.

Stamps of countries born since 1948
Stamps of countries born since 1948. From left to right: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Israel, Ryukyu Islands, Indonesia, Libya
Different kinds of US stamps
Different kinds of stamps issued by the United States