The Next Step In Stamp Collecting - Part 3

Most printed albums, especially those beyond the toy stage, contain much valuable information about the countries that issue the stamps and about the stamps themselves. Study this information carefully before mounting your stamps. It will add to your pleasure and your knowledge and, don't forget, it will help you identify some of those stamps in Pile No. 3 which you have not yet tackled. By now it will have become obvious that stamps do not find their way into the proper spaces in your album without considerable study. But also, by now you will have discovered just how fascinating stamp collecting can be. Take a look at the clock. You will be amazed at how quickly the evening has passed - and at how much you have learned. But, as the saying goes, "you ain't seen nothin' yet!" What about those pictures on the stamps? The men and women, the landscapes and seascapes, the ships and battles, the flora and fauna? All of these are just crying for exploration and all will reveal stories of fascination beyond belief.

But tomorrow is another day. So far you've gotten the feel of collecting. You've learned how to go about sorting stamps and have had a glimpse of the great exploration that lies ahead. There is much more to learn. What, for instance, does one do with the perforation gauge and the watermark detector?

Comprehensive World-Wide Stamp Album
A printed album page. In addition to illustrations, descriptions indicate locations of stamps in more elaborate albums. Page shown is from The Comprehensive World-Wide Stamp Album, created to hold more than 30,000 stamps.