Stamp Societies

There are so many stamp clubs located in cities and towns throughout the United States that it would not be possible to list them all in this book. Certainly there must be one located near every large city. We list here the principal National societies. Information about membership may be had by writing to the addresses given.

The American Philatelic Society

National society holding conventions in various cities each year. Publish a monthly magazine circulated to members. Executive Secretary, Box 800, State College, Pennsylvania. Society of Philatelic Americans. National society holding annual conventions at various cities. Publish a monthly journal circulated to members. S. P. A., Room 1611, 11 S. Lasalle Street, Chicago 3, Illinois.

National Federation of Stamp Clubs

A clearing house for philatelic matters. Members are stamp clubs throughout the country. The Federation polls its club members at regular intervals to determine philatelic opinion on such matters as proposed new stamp issues for the United States. Membership through joining a member stamp club.

Association for Stamp Exhibitions

A non-profit association of collectors and dealers for the purpose of staging International Philatelic Exhibitions in the United States. Such events take place once every ten years. In the interim the A. S. E. assists in staging local and regional exhibitions. Membership open to anyone. The Secretary, Association for Stamp Exhibitions, 22 East 35 Street, New York, N. Y.

The Collector's Club (TV. Y.)

While this club is specifically located in New York its membership is worldwide. It owns its own building, maintains the largest philatelic library in the world, and publishes a magazine six times a year, circulated to its members. Secretary, Collector's Club, 22 East 35 Street, New York, N. Y.

Essay Proof Society

A national society with local chapters at New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Tulsa. Holds annual convention and meetings of the chapters each month. Publishes a quarterly magazine devoted to the study of essays and proofs of the stamps of the world.

United Postal Stationery Society

A national society concerned with the postal stationery of the world. Publishes a monthly journal, Postal Stationery, circulated among its members.

American Airmail Society

A national society devoted to the study of airmail stamps. Publishes a monthly magazine circulated among its members, the American Airmail Catalogue. Membership open.

Aero Philatelists, Inc

A national society devoted to airmail stamps. Membership open.

Bureau Issues Association

A national society devoted to the study of United States stamps issued by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Publishes a monthly magazine, The Bureau Specialist.

American First Day Cover Society, Inc

A national society. Publishes its own magazine. Membership open.

American Stamp Dealers' Association

A professional organization of stamp dealers. Address Executive Secretary, 116 Nassau St., New York, N. Y.

American Topical Association

A national society. Publishes a bi-monthly magazine and handbooks.

Universal Ship Cancellation Society

A national society devoted to Naval Ship cancellations. Publishes bulletin "The Log."