Stamp Department - Part 3

The Minkus albums and catalogs became an almost overnight success and lead to his opening stamp departments in many of the leading department stores from coast to coast, with more to come just as fast as he can staff them with competent help. Perhaps my reader will wonder why I have devoted so much space to the story of Jacques Minkus. It is because that he, through his many stamp departments in the finest stores of the major cities of our nation, has brought stamp collecting back to "Main Street." In the most important stores of almost any great city of our nation the person who is "just a collector" - who desires only to ask a few questions and remain anonymous - may find a place exactly suited to his needs.

He may inspect, without fear of being asked to buy something, the thousands of stamps on display. He may ask questions and receive courteous answers, may inspect at first hand the various stamp albums, catalogs and accessories that are available. And, if he desires, may make a purchase in complete anonymity free to go his way and never return if he wishes. Mostly they do return and mostly they appreciate their anonymity. Some, of course, became great friends and favored clients but this takes place only when the buyer wishes it to be so.

Young stamp
Young stamp collectors in Gimbles famous stamp department in New York City

Because this is so, many, many thousands of new collectors have taken up the hobby, many thousands of albums and catalogs are sold and all stamp dealers and album publishers have greatly benefited from the multitudes of anonymous collectors who visit the stamp department of a great store. It is from these that the advanced collectors of tomorrow are developed. This new way to sell stamps has broadened the base of the hobby immeasurably and has, indeed, brought stamp collecting out of the stifling "Specialization" period into the free and open desires of the individual. The stamp department of a great store is a fine place to begin collecting stamps - your needs of the myriad services they perform will never be completely outgrown however advanced you may become.