The Magnifying Glass

This instrument is to help you see better and its proper use needs no explanation. There are innumerable varieties in all price ranges available at most stamp dealers. Many fold and may be carried in your pocket; others have straight handles; while still others have permanent mounts that stand unassisted on any flat surface. Several of the latter are provided with an electric light bulb which illuminates the subject while you examine it. In fact there is almost no limit to the complex development of these instruments. Witness the complicated machine that enlarges and projects an image of the stamp upon a viewing screen. The beginner should select a simple, inexpensive glass that will provide reasonable magnification. Your stamp dealer can advise you.

magnifier with handle
A magnifier with handle
Pocket magnifier and desk magnifier
A pocket magnifier and a desk magnifier permitting free use of both hands.
battery-illuminated magnifier
A battery-illuminated magnifier for close examination of detail.