Where To Buy A Stamp Album

It would not be fair nor in the best interests of the purpose of this book to recommend a specific place where you can purchase a stamp album. Not all stamp dealers carry albums in stock and not all who do stock albums carry all that are published. Before purchasing any album it would be well to consult the advertisements of dealers who sell them. Such advertisements may be found in the various philatelic magazines and in the stamp pages of newspapers in the larger cities. Most dealers handling albums also provide descriptive price lists of what they have available. By reading these, you will be able to gather a definite idea of what you wish and you may then visit a dealer where you have opportunity to examine the albums you have read about. If you live in the country far away from any stamp store, the price lists we have mentioned will be your best bet in making a selection.

If you live near a city you can personally examine the albums. And, of course, your friends who are collectors will have albums you can examine and they can help you in making your selection. It should not be difficult for anyone, anywhere, to acquire a first-class stamp album as they are available in almost every book store or department store in every town or city in the country.

List Of Printed Stamp Albums

The following list of printed albums presently available to collectors is by no means intended to be complete. There are many albums published in foreign countries which are available in the United States. Also, there are many printed stamp albums published by specialty dealers to provide for the stamps in which they specialized. There are many other general albums published by others than those mentioned which have much to recommend them. Some stamp dealers, and especially stamp departments of Department Stores, make an effort to carry the publications of several manufacturers. The author has personal knowledge of the publications mentioned and can recommend them without reservation. All have features of definite interest and value to the ultimate user. Like automobiles all are good and one may appeal to an individual as better suited to his specific needs than the other.