Stamp Albums - Part 3

Printed albums also include many that are especially designed to provide spaces for one kind of stamp or for the stamps of one country. Thus, you may acquire a printed album that will provide spaces for airmail stamps only, for Roosevelt Stamps, or for some special series of stamps like the Famous American Series issued by the United States, the United Nations stamps, Vatican City stamps, etc. When the subject which the album covers is complete and nothing more will ever be added to it, the loose-leaf factor is not necessary or so desirable.

There are many of these special albums that cover a wide variety of purposes. For instance, you may acquire albums that provide spaces for blocks of four of United States commemorative stamps, or other albums that provide for plate number blocks of the same. In fact you may acquire a printed album to suit almost any purpose you have in mind.

United Nations Album and Vatican City Album
United Nations Album and Vatican City Album
These two outstanding albums are examples of the albums that provide spaces for all the stamps of one country. From the Minkus Publications line of three-ring binder albums that include such countries as Israel & Switzerland. These albums feature the stories behind the stamps and annual supplements.

Still other albums in this group would be those that provide spaces for the stamps of a single country or group of countries. Such albums cover the world beginning with volumes for United States Stamps only, for stamps of the British Empire, for Stamps of France and Colonies, Germany and Colonies, etc., etc. As a rule these "specialized" albums are printed on one side of the page only and are in every way the very finest and most "adult" printed albums obtainable. They range in cost from about $2.95 for the smallest group of stamps covered to about $25.00 for the largest groups. As a matter of interest and to indicate the large selection of albums available we append at the end of this chapter a list of printed albums produced by the leading publishers.

All American Stamp Album
The All American Stamp Album. An outstanding album for the stamps of the United States. Interesting annotations appear on each page describing the particular issue. Printed on one side of the page. Annual supplements are available.
American Plate Block Album
The American Plate Block Album

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