Stamp Albums - Part 2

The Master Global Stamp Album proved to be such a great success that the publishers decided to expand this great work in order to provide the discriminate collector with an even more complete album. They have, therefore, created The Supreme Global Stamp Album in two volumes, designed to house a collection of over 90,000 stamps of the world. This album is expandable. Collectors will be able to add yearly supplements as well as blank pages for additional varieties or special items. A slipcontainer is provided to protect the album. But not every collector will desire to undertake such a large album, especially when just beginning his philatelic career. There are many other very fine printed albums which provide spaces for stamps of the world but are abridged to a greater degree than are the Supreme Global or the Master Global Stamp Albums - The variety of such albums is so great that it would be well to examine just what the beginner, or anyone for that matter, should look for in making a selection.

First, the album should be loose-leaf. For albums which are printed on both sides of the page (as most all are) this feature may not be readily understood. Whether or not supplements are to be issued for such albums, the loose-leaf feature allows you to do several things not possible with the bound book. First, it allows you to insert blank pages wherever you wish to take care of newly issued stamps or of stamps you may acquire for which no spaces have been provided in the album. This is a very important feature for without it your album is out of date the minute you acquire it. Second, it allows you to acquire new binders when your album grows too big, so you may expand your album to suit your collecting activities. Third, it allows you properly to insert interleaving between the pages of your album - a desirable attribute especially for albums printed on both sides of the page. The interleaving will keep the stamps on opposite pages from locking together and, thus, from tearing when you turn the pages. Fourth, it allows you to remove sections of the album for display, exhibiting, or rearrangement according to your own desires.

Various classes of printed albums
Various classes of printed albums:
The Comprehensive World-Wide Album, a medium size loose-leaf album for more than 30,000 stamps and 17,000 illustrations.
The New World-Wide Album, a popular loose-leaf album for beginners with spaces for over 15,000 stamps and 7,150 illustrations.
My First Stamp Album, a bound album for young beginners with spaces for over 4,300 and 2,500 illustrations.

By all means, whatever album you select be sure that it is loose-leaf. If you are a beginner, allow your dealer to recommend the album best suited to your purpose. Study the albums he shows you and select the best you can afford. Even stretch a point here and afford a better album than you may at first have cared to undertake. Remember that this first album will stay with you a long while and that it can "make or break" the pleasure you receive from the hobby. If you know nothing about the hobby, it would be better to obtain a lower-priced album with the purpose in mind that this book is only to give you the feel of the game - the know-how - and that you will soon discard it for a better album. Still, if such is your purpose - and it is a very good purpose indeed for the beginner - do not waste your money on an outright toy. Let the dealer help, and buy an album that will be able to help you acquire the know-how.