Stamp Albums - Part 1

Stamp albums fall into two general categories - "printed" and "blank." Printed albums provide spaces with illustrations and/or descriptions of each stamp that is to be placed in each space. All beginners should use a printed album and many advanced collectors continue to use them throughout their entire collecting life. They are used by far more collectors than any other type of album. They come in many styles to suit various purposes. Let us examine them in detail.

The Master
Global Album
The Master Global Album with spaces for almost 56,000 stamps and more than 30,000 illustrations at the time of its publication. Yearly supplements are issued to keep the album up to date.

Generally speaking, all printed albums fall into three groups.
1. Albums at least possible cost for the very young. Such are little more than toys, to be used for a brief period and discarded.
2. Albums carefully designed and laid out to provide spaces for the maximum number of stamps the new or casual collector is likely to obtain. These albums vary in size according to the number of stamps they can hold and, of course, vary in price in accordance with their completeness.
3. Unabridged albums which provide spaces for all stamps of a single country, group of countries, or kind of stamp. Such albums are usually printed on one side of the page and are loose-leaf. They are expensive and often bulky, occasionally requiring several volumes to take care of a single group of stamps. They are the albums you will grow up to when you start to specialize.

Supreme Global Stamp Album
The Supreme Global Stamp Album in two volumes contains spaces for over 90,000 stamps with more than 50,000 illustrations including numerous reproductions of perforations, exact design sizes, enlarged design details and watermarks. Yearly supplements are a

The albums that will interest most collectors will be those noted under Group 2 - albums that provide the maximum number of spaces for the stamps of the world. Inasmuch as there are well over one hundred thousand different stamps issued by the nations of the world it will be obvious that all of these albums are abridged in more or less degree. The largest single-volume edition of such an album is the Master Global Stamp Album published by Minkus Publications. This book is loose-leaf and contains spaces for over fifty-six thousand different stamps, about half of all that have ever been issued. It is, in all respects, the largest and best single volume that has yet been published and is the maximum value obtainable for anyone desiring to collect the stamps of the world. To all intents and purposes, this album will serve the collector a lifetime. This is especially true as the publisher provides supplements each year for the newly issued stamps.