Scott Publications

United States Albums

(all 2 post binders)

National Album:

One space for each U. S. stamp listed in Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, illustrated, catalog number in each space. Yearly supplements. This book contains spaces for U. S. embossed envelope stamps and U. S. revenue stamps, priced about $12.00.

American Album:

Spaces for U. S. stamps, including revenues and embossed envelopes, yearly supplements, illustrated Scott catalogue numbers in each space. Priced about $5.00 (is condensed version of National Album).

World Wide Albums

International Album:

Three Volumes: Vol. 1-1840-1940; Vol. II- 1941-1949; Vol. III-1949-1955; Vol. IV- 1956-1960. Spaces for about 75,000 stamps (in all four volumes), Scott Catalogue numbers only in United States section.

Specialty Series:

This is a series of loose-leaf albums, printed on one side of the page only providing spaces for the world's postage stamps as listed in Scott's Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. The Albums are sold in units each embracing a group of related countries. The entire series of Scott Specialty Albums consists of 24 titles. The layout of pages, and general production is excellent.

Washington Press Publications:

White Ace line of albums and pages. A group of pages featuring colorful headings and borders on heavy paper punched for standard three ring binders. Special binders available for the various sets of pages for which annual supplements are issued. In addition to the colorful heads and borders the pages provide historical notes for each stamp or set of stamps. The series comprises United States commemorative stamps in singles, blocks of 4 and plate number blocks. U. S. regular issues as well as albums for special groups of stamps including, U. S. Presidential series, airmails, "Duck Stamps", Champions of Liberty, George VI Coronation, British Peace and Victory issues, Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Tour, Canada, Europa, Ghana, Ireland, United Nations, Ryukyus, Vatican City, Israel, etc. A very popular series of albums designed for those who desire illuminated pages to set off their stamps.