Minkus Publications Albums - Part 2

Regular Issues Album:

Features: Spaces for regular United States stamps plus airmail, postage due, special delivery, ducks, Confederate States, etc. Each space illustrated and catalog number from New American Stamp Catalog included. Priced at $5.00

Plate Block Albums:

Features: A series of 4 albums for the Plate Blocks of United States stamps, fully illustrated, stories behind the stamps, in three ring binders, on ledger stock, numbers from the New American Stamp Catalog in each space, annual supplements. VOL. I - 1919-1937 Commemorative issues priced at $4.00. VOL. II - 1938-1950 Commemorative and regular issues, priced at $4.00. VOL. III - 1951 to date - Commemorative and regular issues priced at less than $5.00. Airmails 1918 to date - priced at $3.50.
Plate Block
Plate Block Albums

Complete Country Albums:

(With historical descriptions - in 3 ring binders.) Features: Israel, Vatican City, Switzerland, Cambodia, Laos, Viet-Nam, United Nations, Ireland, Canada, World Refugee and Ghana have already appeared in this series, many others will follow. Printed on ledger stock, in three ring binders, these albums are fully illustrated, and have a space for every major variety of the country listed in the Minkus New World Wide Stamp Catalog and in addition the World Wide Catalog number is indicated in each space. The stories behind the stamps are included in each album. The albums are priced from $3.50 to $6.00 each. Annual Supplements available.
Complete Country Stamp Albums
Complete Country Albums

Complete Individual Country Albums:

(In 2 post binders.) The Minkus series of "single country" albums, introduced within the last couple of years has been expanded so that it is now possible to acquire a "single country" album for almost all of the major nations of the world. These albums furnish spaces for every major listing in the Minkus "World Wide Postage Stamp Catalog" as described in the following chapter. The albums are loose-leaf and the pages are printed on one side of the page only.

Complete Individual Country Albums
Complete Individual Country Albums

They are profusely illustrated and each space provides a description of the stamp together with the proper Minkus catalog number. Annual supplements are issued to keep the albums up to date. The tremendous popularity of these albums has induced the publishers to continually expand the series which eventually will run to as many as fifty different albums. Presently available are albums for Austria, Belgium & Colonies, British Africa, British America, British Asia, British Europe, British Oceania; Colombia, Panama, & Canal Zone, Czechoslovakia, France, French Colonies (2 volumes), Germany, Greece. Also Independent Nations of Africa, Italy, Italian Colonies, Japan, Luxembourg, Monaco-Andorra, Netherlands & Colonies, Poland, Portugal & Colonies, Scandinavia & Baltic Countries, Tunisia, Libya & Morocco, Turkey and Yugoslavia. Still others are in the making. The albums vary in price according to the number of pages involved prices ranging from as little as $4 to $11 per volume.