Minkus Publications Albums - Part 1

The Minkus organization began publishing albums about 1945. Basing their ideas on the demands of thousands of collectors who annually visited the Minkusoperated stamp departments in famous department stores throughout the country, the Minkus albums have gained wide popularity. These albums now outsell all similar albums on the market. Annual supplements for the larger world-wide albums, as well as all special country albums are published annually. The publishers take special pride in this fact.

Supreme Global Album

:Looseleaf. Features: Spaces for over 93,000 stamps, over 60,000 clear illustrations, perforation and design varieties indicated by special enlarged illustrations, blank pages, glassine or acetate interleaving available. Most complete World Wide album of its kind, complete in 2 volumes with special slip container, priced at less than $40.00, 2 post binders with steel reinforced backs. Annual supplements.

Master Global Album:

Looseleaf. Features: Spaces for over 56,000 stamps, over 30,000 illustrations, special enlarged illustrations of design varieties and watermarks, most complete one volume world wide album, 2 post steel reinforced back binder priced at less than $20.00. Blank pages, glassine or acetate interleaving available. Annual supplements.

Comprehensive World Wide Album:

Looseleaf, maps in full color, stamp identifier. Features: Spaces for over 31,000 stamps, more than 17,000 clear illustrations, U. S. section allows for watermark and perforation varieties. Priced at less than $10.00. Blank pages and interleaving available. In 2 post binder. The Global Albums supplements fit this album as well.

New World Wide Stamp Album:

Recommended for the beginner. Features: Spaces for more than 16,000 stamps, over 8,000 clear illustrations, the 2 post looseleaf edition is priced at about $5.00, stamp identifier, full color maps, many other features. Blank pages and interleaving available. Bound edition priced at less than $4.00. The supplements issued annually for Global albums will also fit the World Wide.

All American Album:

Features: Spaces for United States Albums commemorative and regular issue stamps, airmail, special deliveries, postage dues, and many other types. Every space illustrated, catalog number from New American Stamp Catalog in each space. Stories behind the stamp, looseleaf, annual supplements, 2 post binder, priced at less than $5.00.

Commemorative Stamp Album:

Features: Spaces for every United States Commemorative stamp, on ledger stock in 3 ring binder, every space illustrated, each space with catalog number from New American Stamp Catalog. Stories behind the stamp. Annual Supplements are available. Priced at less than $6.00.