How To Start Stamp Collecting - Part 2

The first step is to visit a stamp dealer, or some place where stamps are sold, and acquire a beginner's outfit. There are many of these available but, if none are in stock, any stamp dealer will be able to furnish you with the requisites of such an outfit. A good beginner's outfit will consist of the following essentials:

  • A stamp album
  • Stamp hinges
  • A packet of one or two thousand different stamps of the world
  • Stamp tongs
  • To such an outfit it is desirable to add a catalogue of the stamps of the world.

At the very beginning I can hear many of you remonstrating that you only wish to collect United States stamps so why should you acquire a packet of stamps of foreign countries? The answer is that you can not collect the stamps of the United States, or of any other individual country, without first knowing about stamps in general. Thus, you must acquire the basic knowledge necessary if your collecting is to be the source of pleasure you expect it to be. Hence your ideal beginner's outfit contains a general packet of stamps of the world.

Typical beginner's stamp outfit
The New World-Wide Outfit is a typical beginner's stamp outfit. It contains a loose-leaf stamp album for over 15,000 stamps, a collection of hundreds of stamps from all over the world. Spaces for modern flags and coats of arms are provided in the album.

Now such an outfit as I have described will cost very little. In fact, depending upon the album and the number of stamps, it can cost as little as three dollars - or as much as twenty-five or more dollars. For a beginner I suggest an outfit containing a good album - not a toy - along with a packet of not over one or two thousand stamps. Having digested a thousand different stamps, identified each and placed it properly in the album, you will be well on your way to completing your "basic training." You may advance from this point secure in the knowledge that you are now reasonably well grounded in the art of stamp collecting. And you will be ready to enjoy all the pleasures the hobby offers to the myriad of other collectors throughout the world.