How To Acquire Stamps - Part 2

The beginner, however, should turn his attention to packets. These contain all different stamps; there are no two alike. "All different" packets represent the form in which stamps may be acquired at the lowest possible cost to the collector. There are three general kinds: packets of all different stamps of the world; all different from a single continent or group of nations; and all different of any one country. Unless otherwise described, packets will duplicate the stamps of other packets in the same group. Thus, a packet of two thousand all-different stamps of the world would be very likely to contain all of the stamps, or a great proportion of those, that were contained in a packet of a thousand different stamps of the world.

With so many stamps available it is comparatively easy to make up a packet of one thousand different stamps of the world. There are a great many very low-priced stamps that may be included in such a packet and, hence, such a packet may be sold at a very low price. It's like buying wholesale. If you request just one stamp, the very lowest priced, it would, in all likelihood, cost you two cents. But if you purchase a thousand different stamps put up in a packet, the cost would be less than three dollars.

Different postage stamps
A packet with a fine collection of 10,000 different postage stamps of the entire world.

It gets a little harder to make up a packet of two thousand different, it is even harder to make up one of five thousand different, and it begins to become really difficult to make up ten thousand different. With each increase in the number of stamps that are included, better-grade stamps are required and the cost increases. You can not expect, nor will you be able to acquire, a packet of ten thousand different stamps for just ten times the cost of a thousand different stamps.
The intelligent way to progress through any list of packets is as follows:
1. Buy all different of the world first.
2. Supplement this with all different of the continents.
3. Supplement this with all different of a single country.
4. Always buy the largest packet that you can afford in any particular group.

You will, of course, find considerable duplication with this method but you will hold such duplication down to a minimum and you will have added a maximum number of stamps to your collection at a minimum cost.

packet with stamps of Iceland
A packet with stamps of Iceland.