About Stamp Dealers - Part 4

Located in small towns within easy commuting distance of New York are many specialists who prefer to operate their business from their homes. These dealers have international reputations as experts in the fields in which they specialize and are often consulted by, and in turn consult with, the professionals who maintain business establishments in New York or in others of the country's stamp centers. Such dealers are of considerable importance to the fabric of the commercial world of philately for, by and large, they represent a large proportion of the buying power of the advanced collectors, whom they often represent at the public auctions. Located on Bromfield Street and along Tremont Street is the stamp center of Boston, a city that can proudly boast of being one of the oldest stamp centers in the nation.

Here the activity of New York is repeated with stamp auctions, specialists and small stamp stores generously sprinkled throughout the area. And again one will find the specialist dealers located in surrounding towns. Chicago's "Loop" section along South Dearborn Street and its immediate vicinity is another of the nation's important stamp centers. In the shadow of its sprawling City Hall Philadelphia stamp dealers conduct an important business. And in the smaller towns of Pennsylvania, at its Capital, Harrisburg, in Pittsburgh, Allentown, and in many of the other cities, stamp dealers hold forth lustily.

In the South, Miami and St. Petersburg and surrounding areas have a sufficient number of stamp dealers to boast two chapters of the American Stamp Dealers Association; and in New Orleans' "Old Quarter" along Royal Street one encounters some of the leading dealers of the nation. On the West Coast San Francisco and Los Angeles compete for leadership with a considerable number of well-known professionals located in either city, while to the north Portland and Seattle take the lead. There are stamp stores in Denver, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Atlanta, Washington, D. C, and, in fact, in almost every important city of the nation. In neighboring countries one will find important stamp centers at Toronto, Montreal, Havana and Mexico City. And dotted throughout the United States, in small towns and cities there are literally thousands of "approval" dealers conducting their business through the mail. Many are part-time dealers who piece out their income in this interesting manner and some devote full time to the project, doing what by all standards is a considerable annual turnover.