About Stamp Collectors - Part 3

With President Franklin D. Roosevelt openly espousing the cause, stamp collecting came right out into the open. It was no longer confined to "kids and kings"; it now included "Presidents" as well and that made it good enough for anybody and everybody. Stamp collecting, of course, had millions of followers before Roosevelt became President. But no one can question that after he became President stamp collectors "stood up to be counted." And no one can question that there are a great many more collectors now than before he became President.

Eventually the whole world was saddened by the tragic death of President Roosevelt; but his memory is preserved in philately by scores of postage stamps issued by many nations including our own, in his honor. It is fitting tribute to the man who did so much to promote the hobby he loved so well.

Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition
The Fipex Issue celebrated the Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition (April 28 to May 6, 1956). Stamp, photography and auto exhibitions, held simultaneously, opened the newly completed Coliseum at Columbus Circle, New York, facing Columbus Monument

The International Philatelic Exhibitions held in New York City every ten years are but part of a series of such great International stamp exhibitions held by many nations throughout the world. Hardly a year passes without some important international show taking place in some part of the world. Such Exhibitions have been held in Great Britain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Israel, Philippines, Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay, India and South Africa, to mention but a few. Thus in no small measure stamp collectors contribute to the common goal of international good-will by all thinking people. Many of the International exhibitions held in other nations are supported by government subsidy. Usually such subsidy consists of a special stamp issued to commemorate the exhibition the proceeds from the sale of which are used for the exhibition.